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Thursday, July 27, 2017


Tokunbo Abiru, GMD/CEO Skye Bank
Jide Omokore & Kola Aluko
It is good to know the right people, for in such good relationship, if very well nurtured so much can be gained from it. That seems to be the case between the current, very well connected GMD/CEO of SkyeBank, in the person of Tokunbo Abiru & Jide Omokore, the man who has helped to redefine how a wealthy man should spend money to intimidate all other wealthy men.

Long before Tokunbo Abiru became the GMD of Skye Bank, he had gotten to nearly the pinnacle of his career as an ED at Nigeria's premier bank, First Bank PLC where he later retired.

He was the Group Head, Corporate Affairs at First Bank in his first stint, from where he was called and made the Lagos State Commissioner for Finance in the administration of Babatunde Raji Fashola, it was from this service to Lagos State that he resigned when he was appointed as the Executive Director Corporate Banking at First Bank, a position he held till he retired much later many years after.

Some had thought that maybe, he would become the MD of First Bank eventually, but that didn't happen afterwards as he retired as an ED, so maybe becoming the GMD/CEO at SkyeBank was some sort of compensation; that premise is based majorly on the fact that he has always being a jolly good fellow.

But before all of that, while at First Bank, he had helped to facilitate some of the most staggering amount of loans that anyone had ever gotten approved at that bank, chief of which was a collosal "₦120 billion Naira" loan for a company where the duo of Jide Omokore and Kola Akanni Aluko, held sway.

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We all know who these duo are, while Jide was the head honcho at SPOG Petrochemicals and other brands, he and Kola Aluko held sway at Atlantic Energy.

Like it is, when you help make things happen, you are expected to enjoy part of the largesse/ goodies, so being a super generous fellow that Jide Omokore was, he did what was expected of him, in this case the thank you came in the form of a "eye popping, billion Naira valued house" in of all places, "Banana Island, Ikoyi Lagos, described as a "statement in class and distinction and to add to it, it also included a top of the range, "men separating from the boys" type of Mercedes Benz G Wagon, which was added to the mix, which even now the GMD of SkyeBank still cruises around in, that we have always preferred to tag the "G Swag".

It has been said, that Tokunbo Abiru, held sway at one of those unprecedented times in the history of First Bank, that they had the most massive of exposure as it concerned loans given out, and a very large percentage of those loans were non-performing, including the collosal ₦120 billion given to Atlantic Energy!

So while lesser mortals were seeking for support and not getting it and their businesses were collapsing, some "special ones" while receiving "special helps" were taking extraordinary loans, that they had no intention from the get go of servicing or better put, returning!!!

These acts also reveals the kind of "extremely profitable understandings" between well positioned members of the banking institutions and their friends on the outside as per getting loans (non performing types).

From the little we were able to find out, it is a common practice for Bank Directors, including GMs to help facilitate humongous loans for their cronnies/friends. Many of these loans are gotten with "collaterals" that under proper scrutiny shouldn't have ever being accepted. But with the active connivance of many of those involved, those loans get approved with minimum fuss. And what now happens afterwards is that said loans are now then shared in accordance to agreed percentages. So other people's sweats are being played with, without a care in the world.

To further buttress the stupendous wealth of this banker, who seem to be loud for a purpose or is it for effect, he is said to own 2 posh London properties, which are said to be worth millions of Pounds, one in Swiss Cottage and the other in Colindale, with a value of about £10 million plus Pounds , that's about (₦4,500,000,000 plus)! Though these properties are been linked to the trio of Jide Omokore, Kola ALUKO & Diezani Allison Madueke and might soon be subject of investigations, if not already.

Tokunbo's sure rise to the pinnacle of his career, where he rose to become the GMD/CEO of SkyeBank is said to have been facilitated by the strong support and push of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, being a former Governor of Lagos State. For those who might have wondered how come, the Jagaban was able to make that happen, it is an open fact that Lagos State, Nigeria's richest state has considerable interest in the bank such that Lagos State is said to be one of the largest shareholders in the bank, therefore the state can influence some occurance at the bank, such as appointments.

So as the Governor Emeritus of the State, whose influence is still as if he is the one that is virtually on the seat, his nomination of a candidate alone, is seen already as an appointment.

Now as the GMD/CEO of another bank, when Mr. Abiru should be totally focused on the future of his new task at taking Skye Bank to the next level, he seems to be bugged down by some of his decisions at another bank which has since come under intense scrutiny.



Mama Borngirl said...

In all these plenty plenty money, the designer's sister only got designer shoes and bags. When she should've acquired real properties.

Fan said...

Haha! Mama Borngirl. I had to read your comment twice before realising who it is. Well, she has a interior decorating business and I think she invested some money in it.

*posted so quickly as Anon*

Anonymous said...

Which sister? You mean rural interior designs lol