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Saturday, November 18, 2017


It has always been said that the sky is enough space for as many birds of different species and colouration to fly in without necessarily entering each other's space or having unnecessary and unhealthy competition, but with these 2 music stars Wizkid and Davido, it's like the whole sky is becoming too small for both of them and they are both hell bent to take out each other any which way.

At a point, we had thought that everything that was unfolding was a gimmick by both sides to excite their fans and keep each other's brands in the news at all cost, which would have been an ingenious plan, but with the way things are unfolding now and the way this thing is gradually turning out, then something needs to be done quickly, before some over zealous fans, or hangers on or bodyguards or whatever, would go take matters into their own hands and then whoosh, things escalates and then someone is on the tarmac dead!

Both young stars were at the music concert in Dubai, the UAE just a few days ago and then there was a clash between the parties and as the report said, someone was slapped! If it were a matter that would just end there, then we would have just smiled and say it's a none issue. But because of how bloated the egos of these stars are, we know for sure, it's never going to end just like that, no matter what, some form of retaliation one way or the other is upcoming.

This situation is becoming like a turf war, it's becoming more like  "frat war", my family against yours and only those in the know, would readily decode what we are on about here. The ego at play is humongous, and the elders have better get into the matter to nip it in the bud, before it totally escalates and becomes the type of "Tupac vs Biggie scenario" which led to the unresolved murder of both stars and stopped us their fans from enjoying more from them, since they were cut down in their prime. Imagine now that both of these dudes are gradually becoming big International stars, with fans from across too.

A little competition is not bad for any reason at all, it shows both are very competitive and it helps to ignite their creative talents and boost their needs to want to rule their world, but when it's bringing in altercations and threats and with both having die-hard fans, who are willing to go to any length or do anything, then that's an issue! We have seen where fans of football clubs have killed each other in Nigeria before, just over a little inconsequential argument, what stops that sort of thing from also happening here too if care is not taken?

With Davido especially, one would have thought that this last few weeks should be a very sober one, most especially after having lost in an untimely manner a few friends in quick succession, bu e seems to have quickly gotten over those deaths and has moved on rather quickly, all these unneccesary and unpalatable news around just one person is getting too many for comfort!

Hey guys, instead of all this crap about war, make great music instead for your fans that would blow them up. 

Friday, November 17, 2017


Governor Akin Ambode


Erstwhile top APC chieftain Dr. Muiz BANIRE, who is a top lawyer and in fact the National Legal Adviser of the ruling party,  is not having it great this time and reason for that is not far-fetched. He had shouted to the world a few days back making certain claims akin to vendetta against himself. His claim was that his Property had been earmarked for demolition and the said demolition might have been via an executive fiat, orchestrated by the Executive Governor of the state, in the person of his excellency, Mr. Akin Ambode and he was given 48 hours to comply.

But contrary to the fact of the matter as stated by Dr. BANIRE, the state government by a statement released just today poo-pooed the alarm raised by the embattled lawyer.

Lagos State Reacts to Dr. Banire's claim

…Says Planning Permit Request Is Routine, Affects Several Other Houses

…No 48-Hour Demolition Notice Served

The attention of Lagos State Government has been drawn to a statement credited to Mr. Muiz Banire over a routine contravention notice served on a property sited at No. 24A, Remi Fani-Kayode Street, Ikeja GRA, in which Mr. Banire alleged a deliberate target on his newly acquired property.

The State Government wishes to state without equivocation that not only is Mr. Banire trying to be clever by half, but is being childish in whipping up sentiments that his dear aged mother is the target of the said demand for development permit and that the said property might be demolished in 48hours.

In a statement signed on Wednesday by the State’s Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Tpl. Anifowose Wasiu Abiola, the Government said neither allegation is a sincere reading of the notice served on the property.

The Commissioner clarified that the contravention notices that went out on Wednesday November 15, 2017 were a routine exercise served on properties identified by the state agents as operating without due permits. He said 27 properties were indeed served on that same day, 13 out of which are located on the same Remi Fani-Kayode Street in GRA, Ikeja, where Banire admitted his property was located.

“There is no way Lagos State would have had a pre-knowledge of the owners of the properties in question let alone targeted the one that Banire has identified to be his own”, Anifowose said. He added that aside the 13 houses affected on Fani-Kayode Street, there were a few others in Ikeja GRA and the rest in Ikoyi and Yaba. “The 27 properties served across the state are just the first set of an ongoing exercise embarked upon by the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development to validate the records and permits of properties that have undergone ownership transfer processes. This is a routine and lawful exercise that ought not to be confusing to a supposedly learned gentleman who has had the privilege of serving in the Lagos State Cabinet for a dozen years”.

More after the break.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


As it is customary for prophets or should we better refer to them as seers would do at every end of the year, they would gaze into whatever it is they look at, and most often predict what they believe would happen next, either very near or even far ahead. They would zoom their special eyes, wearing maybe special goggles that allows them to see beyond the normal or ordinary to see into the future.

For some, many of such predictions like a homing device have hit the target near accurately, for many they only played to the gallery and were totally off course and just predicted based on certain things they had studied and not necessarily because they have any gift like Nostradamus! But let's not lie, there are some truly as gifted like Mr Nostra!

Years back MM (Maestro's Media) had accurately predicted then, that the next Ooni of Ife was going to be Prince Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, who later became the Ojaja II. While many didn't believe us, we stuck out our neck then and insisted that according to our very accurate gaze, into our very clear and concise crystal ball, the then Prince was going to be installed as the Ooni, at the end, though many took it with a pinch of salt, we were proven right!

Now again, we have cleared our gaze again, we have applied our special eye salve and our sight is totally focused and our ICBM is already homing with unbelievable and intimidating accuracy at what is upcoming as concerning the most revered monarch from the South West, his Imperial Majesty, Kabiyesi Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, the Ojaja II, The incomparable Ooni of the great Ife, also known as the source.

According to what we are seeing, all things being equal, 2018 is a massive year for his Imperial Majesty. Though 2017 was quite a busy one where he celebrated his first year on the throne of his forefathers, in this second year of his impressive reign Kabiyesi would marry again, and unfailingly so too!

Not only would he be getting married again (major relief for many), Kabiyesi would most likely be marrying more than one wife at a time! What? Yes! According to our crystal ball, the revered Oba would be shutting down the mouths of naysayers once and for all with this upcoming masterstroke!

This time around from what our crystal ball is seeing & showing, the Oloris (queens) at least 2 of them or three, would be young, beautiful, most likely unknown, but with impeccable history, background and pedigree that cannot and wouldn't be controverted.

What our crystal ball is revealing is that these ones that would most likely fit the roles of the Oloris, would be scrutinized and investigated and would go through the fine combing that is required, before they would be allowed to come in. The process from what we are seeing, would be painstakingly done, it would be done clandestinely also before the chosen ones would be revealed, and they would be those that all would be proud of.

So all those who have been worried, should please calm the F.. ..  down, is all we can advise.

It has been a momentous one year plus for the young monarch, who has dazzled all with his presence and style. What we are expecting now is that, this 2nd year reign would be far more greater than the first year. 


Just 3 more days to this election, which would be a litmus test for Nigeria, INEC, Police.

All the contestants are evenly matched so it seems, though the incumbent has a slight advantage in that he has shown already what he could do, so he can be accessed based on that, but that's not all, he can also use the paraphernalia of office to push things his way, but would that work here? We don't know for sure.

It's a straight battle pitting Obiano vs Obaze vs Chidoka vs Nwoye, that is APGA vs PDP vs UPP vs APC! Some are already predicting a straight battle between OBIANO of APGA and OBAZE of PDP. The reason for Obaze they think is because of the Peter Obi factor; the Ex-Governor who has a marvelous record of achievements whilst he was Governor, is hell bent on removing his own prodigy, who years back he fought tooth and nail to install, but since both men fell out, they have become sworn enemies ready to totally dismantle and eviscerate each other. Also the somewhat newly resurrected PDP which was on the brink of extinction before, are bent on making a statement with this election, as they want to be able to boast and claim that they are back and again are the party to beat and follow!

What are the chances of Dr. Nwoye of APC? The grassroots mobiliser might find it a bit hard so they say and the reason people are hammering on is that, people don't want to replicate Owelle Rochas Okorocha in Anambra State! But even at that, the Federal factor, which is the need to be in the main stream of things, just like Lagos now is, might just work wonders for him, apart from the federal factor though, Nwoye is an avowed, award winning grassroots, youth mobiliser par excellence and if he could work his magic right, he might just spring a major surprise.

On Sir Osita Chidoka, the former Minister and former boss of the FRSC, in recent times not very much has been heard about him, he seem to have gone deep, maybe not necessarily making too much noise, but doing what should be done underground. If preparation and articulation of ideas alone could just win an election, the former top PDP stalwart could have just walked leisurely in to the Awka Government house, but alas it's far much more than that.

To make sure all goes well on the D-Day, especially to forestall any hanky-panky from IPOB and other elements bent on forming troubles, 26000 personel, 300 vehicles, 15 gunboats and 3 Helicopters have been mobilised to make security water tight. 3 Commissioners of Police, new to that terrain would also be on ground, in charge of each of the Senatorial zones to stifle any form of trouble of any kind. The incumbent Commissioner for Police in Anambra State, Garba Umar was withdrawn, while the ADC to the Governor and all other police personnel attached to private and public individuals were recalled to forestall their use for any hanky-panky by those they work for who they would have most definitely favoured above others. All of this actions were taken to enable a level playing field (ground) for all.

So who would carry the day? OBIANO? OBAZE? NWOYE? CHIDOKA? 



We have received several reports of violent attacks by hoodlums along the Marina/Apongbon axis. During these attacks, the hoodlums vandalize vehicles, steal valuables and in some cases injure victims who resist their attack. Some of our colleagues have fallen victim of these attacks; known to occur in the early hours of the day [between6 a.m. and 8 a.m.] and late in the evening [between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.].

In a bid to address this growing concern [which is likely going to get worse with the Yuletide approaching], the Bank is collaborating with the Lagos State Security Trust Fund to deploy the Police Rapid Response Squad [RRS] to the identified spots. The RRS team will conduct regular patrols and pin-down around the identified spots - Apongbon and Marina axis. These measures are expected to deter the hoodlums from carrying out their dastardly acts while those who dare to attack would be apprehended.

You too have a role to play to avoid being a victim of these attacks. Read through and observe the following precautionary measures:

●  Keep all valuable items such as mobile phones, laptops, wallets, jewellery, etc. out of sight of pedestrians.

●  Keep all the doors of your car locked and the windows wound up. If you require fresh air, do not wind your window down more than two inches.

●   Always be vigilant to observe unusual happenings around you.

●  There is strength in numbers. If possible, do not drive or walk alone at night or early in the morning.

●   When driving, leave enough space between your vehicle and the one in front - you never know when you might need to make a quick getaway.

●   If someone knocks on your window, do not slide it down or open your door. If a criminal threatens you through the window, start honking the horn to attract attention. Many criminals leave immediately for fear of being caught. Should this fail, remain calm and wind your window down as demanded.

●   If attacked, gently hit the vehicle in front to alert others – they are likely to come out of their car to access the damage; this should chase the hoodlums away.

●   If a robber asks you to hand over your wallet and cell phone, do so without resistance.

●  Try to carry an old [discarded] cell phone in your car. Give this to the criminal(s) rather than your active mobile phone. Make sure to keep your cell phone in silent mode in the car under your seat. Criminals do not bother to check the condition of the cell phone as they are often in a hurry.

Kindly call these toll free telephone numbers 122 and 767 in case of emergency. Your safety is important to us.

Thank you.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


We are very sure you can still remember very well that story. It was about a popular hunk of a none practising doctor from a prominent family from the South-South (we admit to our mistake saying middle-belt which led to a wild goose chase-SORRY OOO) whose appetite for skirts had become the stuff of legend.

Let's not lie, dude is physically fit at least judging by his very buff body. We still saw him on the prowl just at the weekend at the recently concluded fashion weekend and we even exchanged greetings with him. This dude's radar for catching prey is still working at optimal level, eyes were darting here and there, sweeping the whole room with extraordinary dexterity, dude is a charmer par excellence. Always with the right words to say, the right compliments to give, truly salute to him.

Incidentally, the supremely gorgeous but said to be estranged wife was in the same vicinity too. No matter what anyone says, she is still a beauty of the highest standards, a natural born beauty, even after many kids. Those eyes are to die for. How she has been able to maintain her beauty, her size and calm mien, should be packaged in a book to be sold and which might turn out to be a bestseller. She is just a total package.

So both parties were in the same venue, but not together! Nothing wrong with that, people can leave the same house, go to different places and then later come to the same place and then still go away differently. We had been inundated by responses that we concentrated wholly on one part (side) alone, that our attention was only on one side of the coin alone, when there's also the flip side of the same coin too. Like it was said and to which we agreed, it takes 2 to tango.

So we were told that yes Dr F does have the somewhat uncommon, ravenous, somewhat insatiable appetite, but it's like it's not only him in the game ooooooo, he is not the only one oooo!!!! That madam is not the saint, the angel, the pure, the holy that we have somewhat painted her or tried to showcase her to be ooooo!!!! Eyes popping! Heart beat increases! Pulse rate goes up!

You mean madam too, also has/have skeleton(s) with cobwebs in her cupboard? Hmmmmmm.

So our antennas have been raised, the probes have been activated and we have gone "stealth mode" and we have begun to scan, sweep through and we would bring the scanned result(s) pretty soon.

Watch out!!! Maybe this night become a blockbuster of the highest kind! 

Monday, November 13, 2017


One was the former Governor and now a Minister of the Federal Government, an important minister at that, with a massive portfolio. The other is the incumbent Governor of the same State, Rivers State.

Both used to be friends, with the current Governor being a prodigy of the former until they fell out, both now in different parties and avowed sworn enemies.

The story of the clash between the 2, very recently again, which could have led to bloodshed, had both sides not employed restraint is one that has enjoyed so much buzz.

Why both leaders, elders, fathers and husbands, cannot sheathe their forever drawn swords and allow peace to reign baffles us? Is it that their wives cannot talk to them to stop the nonsense? Is it that the kids cannot tell their daddies off, that you both should go and rest? Are there not elders in town, who can talk to both parties?

What is it that both are fighting for in the first place or have been fighting for, that they are both bent on embarrassing, disgracing, annihilating, witch-hunting, eviscerating each other? What is this battle of egos all about? Or is it far more than meets the eye?

Okay one has lost, and one has won, 4 years is not eternity, and is about finishing and another opportunity to test your popularities would soon come again, why the need to threaten each other needlessly all the time?

And the bad aspect of the whole imbroglio, is that while nothing would happen to both Amaechi and Wike and their very close family members, as they are too high up there and too cocoon to be touched, it is some over eager idiots and fools in the name of sworn and die-hard supporters/fans and even security details that would stretch out their necks and same would be cut off without a care in the world! All of the nonsense only for them to be mourned for 5 minutes and thereafter they are forgotten!

Let's even just try to imagine the ugly scenario, so what if one trigger happy security detail in the midst of the hoopla and rising temperature by mistake pulls the trigger, and everyone then responds!!!!!

Dear sirs, as adults, grown ups, leaders of the nation, those with responsibilities, and whom very much is expected of, there are developmental tasks expected of you both, that these unbridled energy and enthusiasm can be poured on. This foolish battle of egos, is just unneccesarily distracting from better things!

Please, GROW UP! 

Saturday, November 11, 2017


Idris flanked by 4 Governors 

Idris & Baby

If the introduction is an indication of what is coming, then we should expect a mother of all weddings either late this year of the first quarter of next year, that is 2018.

Yesterday, Friday, November 10, 2017 was the introduction ceremony between the daughter, Fatima Baby Ganduje of the current Governor of the good state of Kano, Umar Ganduje and her beau, Idris Abolaji Ajimobi the only son of the Governor of Oyo State, in the person of his excellency, Senator Abiola Ajimobi and his stupendously gorgeous wife, Madam Florence AJIMOBI.

To show that it wasn't just an anyhow ceremony, at least not less than 11 Governors and other special guests gathered to be a part of the ceremony. Some of the Governors seen, who came to give support to one of their own were Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo, Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto, Rauf Aregbesola of Osun, Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos, AbdulFatai Ahmed of Kwara, AbdulAziz Yari of Zamfara, Kashim Shettima of Borno, Alhaji Badaru Abubakar of Jigawa, Aminu Bello Masari of Katsina, Senator Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun and Alhaji Abubakar Baguda of Kebbi.

The ceremony held at the Palace of the "Emir of Kano, Alhaji Lamido Muhammadu Sanusi II", who consented to the proposal on behalf of the father of the gorgeous bride to be. The Emir in his statement said, "the Union is a way of cementing relationships as well as destroying stereotypes between the South and Northern Nigeria".

Responding on behalf of the Groom's father, Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State thanked the Emir and his fellow Govsrnor, Alhaji Umar Ganduje, the father of the lovely bride for approving the proposal.

"Abolaji Idris AJIMOBI", had earlier in September of 2017, gushingingly revealed his heartthrob on the social media, when he celebrated his love for her. 

More pictures after the break.

Friday, November 10, 2017




That BRF is highly regarded is stating the very obvious. One of the major things that has always counted well for him, is his intellectual capital and his ability to deliver exceptional punchlines and even put words together, whenever it is needed.

To pick a fight with him or against him, without having the "requisite intellectual capacity" or the sagacity to match him, is like committing Hara-Kiri, the Japanese word for honor suicide.

His ministry, Power, Works and Housing was accused sometime last week on allegations of a lost or stolen $350 million dollars, that campaign as usual was led by none other than the embattled Senator Dino Melaye. The way it was painted, it was like gbam, at last, a rat has now finally being caught at the game and there was no escaping ghen ghen!!

So the Minister in charge of the Ministry, in the person of the former Governor of Lagos, Babatunde Raji Fashola has thought to respond robustly below. Not only that, he has also said that they would even respond far more better, when called upon to face whoever. 

It seems like for some, the days of being jittery in the face of scrutiny has long gone, so bring it on, let's jaw jaw.

Find below, Mr. Fashola's response, not even dignifying the Senator by calling his name......




Before perception becomes reality, I feel compelled to make this Statement in response to allegations bordering on financial impropriety raised on the Floor of the Senate against the Ministry of Power, Works and Housing, my Office as Minister, the staff of the Ministry and by extension my person.

The sum and substance of the allegations to which the Ministry will provide full, factual and detailed response when formally invited are that:

1.   An amount in the region of $350million being part of a $1billion Eurobond facility taken in 2013 has gone missing or has been diverted.

2.   That the Ministry, had procured a contract for Afam Fast Power and paid $26million or thereabout for it.

With all emphasis, I state that there is no factual basis for the allegations.

The Ministry, my staff and I have done nothing wrong and we will collaborate fully with the Investigating Committee when called upon.

For now, it suffices for members of the public to note that I wasn’t a Minister in 2013, and that when Government raises a Debt like the Eurobond, it is the Debt Management Office that manages the Debt and not the Ministry.

The Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) had on Monday, 6th November 2017 issued a Statement on the Front Page of The Nation Newspaper explaining that the money was not missing, stating also that the $350 million had been invested and that interest had even accrued on the money.

If there was no ulterior motive for the allegation, this was enough reason for a reconsideration of the presentation of the Motion on the Floor of the Senate on the 8th of November 2017.

But the story seemed to have changed from “missing money” last week, to a “desperate attempt to retrieve the money “, this week.

More after the break.


If you were just passing without knowing before hand what was going on, you might or would have mistaken the whole scenario as a scene from a film or movie being shot by some Nollywood producer and his team as the whole thing was quite unbelievable!

The shock on the face of onlookers was intense and very real, not the type that is contrived at all, but it wasn't just shock alone, it was mixed with amusement, for this somewhat actress, not a professional by any standards, was playing this role with gusto and it was evoking emotions of all kinds, from the shocked but very curious onlookers! Only thing was, she wasn't acting at all and neither was she an actress at all. It was real life occurrence happening right before everyone there and then, real time!

The venue was "Shitta" that famous enclave, along the road in Surulere made famous by the Amala joints, "other types of joints" and also made world famous again by the Wiz of Nigerian music, Wizkid in his songs. You cannot talk about Surulere in the heart of Lagos, without mentioning Shitta. If you claim you know Surulere or 'Lere' well, like some have tagged it and you say you don't know Shitta, then you can be tagged a JJC!

This here (story/write up) is a eyewitness account! Day was Wednesday, November 8, 2017, particular time was sometime in the afternoon. 2 young lasses (ladies) from around, came to the joint near the road known by all in that hood, where you buy and smoke weed and whatever. Not too long after their arrival, everyone minding their own businesses, not necessarily caring or minding what others were up to. Food vendors making brisk business, across the road the Mallams were trying to get customers to buy or sell forex, the beer parlours too were doing their thing, in all of these cacophony and unscripted daily grind, only from out of the blues a little commotion suddenly erupted and began, that got everyone's attention!

One of the young, somewhat beautiful girls that had come around not too long before was undergoing some strange type of moves or dance of the macabre! She was foaming from her mouth, gasping for breath and was stretching and obviously in some form of major discomfort. There was commotion all around, this same lady passed not too long ago, moving sexily and not necessarily caring about those around, as she had where she was headed to go fuel up and blow up and be lifted sky high, where she would be communing with the extra terrestrials on other planes or planets. It took the effort of those around for the sexy young lady not to strip off or tear off her own garb/clothes! Alas! What has just gone wrong?

Who could have done this to her?

How can someone so sane now, just in under how long was about going insane?

What could have triggered such a show of shame and grotesque dance of the macabre?

Can you imagine that no one else in particular can or could be blamed, except the lady herself! Apparently she is a known customer of the joint, who is quite a regular, so she's not one to engage in unneccesary attention grabbing drama! So on this particular day, she apparently puffed on a strain of weed, that was far more (potent) powerful than what she was normally used to experiencing, this particular one is nicknamed or called "Black Mamba".

This joint named after one of the deadliest and most poisonous snakes in the whole universe, "the Black Mamba is said to be a one of a kind". Little that we could gather about this strain is that, it is an uncommon weed, so powerful, so potent that not just anyone can take a drag. It is so strong that one puff alone or one drag hits home so bad, so intense, so mind boggling, that just that "one puff gives a whole day of supreme unimaginable high"!

So this young and very impressionable lass, had this smoke and the experience nearly turned into a major disaster! But for the timely intervention of those who were around, the lady would have either lost it (gone bunkers/berserk) or worse still, could have choked and died.

Apparently to save the situation, she was held down forcefully and then given "palm oil" to guzzle which seemed to work wonders as it calmed the lady down after a while and she regained her senses and could sanely control herself again.

Why anyone would want to go through this sort of madness, beggars belief? Why the need for a temporary high, which later brings you down to an imaginably terrible low? What's the need for this step up and step down stimulants for?

Can you now imagine the shock of life again, as these ladies (including the one that went through the mad, unpalatable experience) came again to the same joint yesterday Thursday, November 9, 2017 (just a day afterwards), with her friend in tow! To come do what again, we all wondered? People were totally gobsmarked! Wondering whether it was normal or it's a curse! 

Thursday, November 9, 2017



Prince Kayode Tejuosho
The house in contention

This is truly not the best of times for the family of the of the impeached Former Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon Funmi Tejuosho as they are fighting what can be termed a tall battle now and the toll on them is both traumatic and terrible. Just imagine being forcefully ejected from a house, that you have come to call home after more than a decade! 

The family has come out to cry foul against the forced eviction and perceived injustice. Read the prepared speech by the head of the family, Prince Kayode Tejuosho and the terse response from the representative of the Lagos State Government, Commissioner for Information, Steve Ayorinde. 

“I am constrained to address you on the above subject, not out of any joy or excitement but simply to put the facts straight in the public domain. I have heard and read so many things in the social media and the conventional media that are substantially untrue.

Let me first of all say that as at now that I am talking to you, my wife who is an Honourable member of the Lagos state House of Assembly is just on her way from the official assignment of the State Government. It is on record that she is spending her 14th year serving this State. I am sure it is no more news that my wife and I, along with our children have been forcefully and brutally evicted from our home and rendered homeless by the Government after days of tortuous siege on our residence due to no fault of ours but out of what I consider sheer political persecution and uncommon vendetta.

“Let me quickly lay the facts bare to correct the falsehood being peddled by the Government to justify their unlawful act and outright violation of our rights. During the administration of former Governor Bola Tinubu, the Lagos State Government adopted the Federal Government’s property’s monetisation and redevelopment policy by offering several of its properties to public/civil servants occupying same for sale as well as companies under redevelopment schemes.

“This monetization policy was continued by the Babatunde Raji Fashola government, as a result of which several officials benefited, including the present chairman of the Lagos chapter of the APC, Mr. Henry Dele Ajomale.

More after the break. 



Toyin Lawani

Mr Edgal Imohimi

Dolapo Badmus, PPRO ZONE 2
The social media was awash all of yesterday about how cross- dressing social media sensation, Idris Olanrewaju Okuneye aka Bobrisky had been arrested by the Police and that he was soon going to be transported to Abuja, the FCT to face some alleged allegations, facts of which couldn't be readily ascertained.

People had allowed their imaginations to run riot, believing that maybe the recent admittance by the in your face cross-dresser that he was gay, might have triggered his arrest. While some had alleged that his arrest might have been a fallout of his imbroglio and constant bickering with another celeb, Toyin Lawani of the Tiannah Styling empire fame.

The story literally gained major traction, as some pictures of someone that looked like the 'internet celeb' looking distraught, wearing no make up, not even wearing shoes at a supposed Police Station were posted about.

Just because several people had tried endlessly to get across to the male Barbie and couldn't get through at all, that also added to the drama that he had truly being arrested and maybe he had no access to his phone(s).

But another drama has been added to the already evolving drama as the head of the Nigerian Police in Lagos State, Acting Commissioner of Police, Lagos Edgal Imohimi has denied any knowledge of Bobrisky's arrest! If the commissioner can say he has no knowledge of an arrest, it must mean that he would have asked his whole formation or command and they would have denied knowledge of an arrest! The Police boss even went further to say, "Ask him who arrested him"? I don't know about the arrest, and more so he has no problems with us"!

Also, the PPRO of Zone 2, Police Command, the gorgeous Mrs. Dolapo Badmus has also denied any knowledge of Bobrisky's arrest too! Maybe he wasn't arrested by the police as alleged on the social media.

So was Bobrisky arrested at all and if so, who did? 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


COSSY 'the incomparable' Orjiakor

She has always being known to crave attention like a fish to water. She enjoys the attention so much. Her twin attacks (mammary glands), that she had nicknamed "Jane and Janet" gave her unbelievable "notoriety" and she exploited the opportunity to the max, reveling in it with much aplomb. Never afraid, never caring how she is viewed, hers is just all about the money that comes from the attention. Be a celeb and get paid from it! Gbam!

So from just her "earth defying bazookas" with the veins criss-crossing around it, the lady has thought to make her body more proportional to the mounds, by adding a backside that can match the front. So for COSSY "the boobs" ORJIAKOR, not all the attention would be focused on her "ManCHESTERS" alone again no more, but equal attention now would also fall or be focused on her rear, buttocks, backside, BUM-BUM or better still "AssSenal".

To improve the look of her back, the singer cum actress/entertainer just very recently spent (according) to her ₦1,500,000 that's one million five hundred thousand Naira to augment her former flat bum to a sizeable chunk or mound, which in her estimate should increase her commercial value by a notch. Maybe it was also her birthday present to herself as she recently clocked 33 years on October 16, 2017.

Instead of her to just showcase the new release (bum) for free just like that, she has taught to package the showcase in her upcoming new video set for release soon. So all you her fans and admirers, be patient and wait for it. Knowing Cossy well, she wouldn't disappoint at all. 

The new bum was constructed at Grandville Medical and Laser Clinic, 6 Oyediran Street, Surulere. The facility, is an "international aesthetic plastic and reconstructive surgery center", which prides itself as one of the best in West Africa and was established since June 1, 2013.  


Photographer- Emperor Aigbovbiose

LIFE ON A ROLL: My name is Emperor Aigbovbiosa I am a creative and highly motivated freelance  documentary photographer, photo artist, concept developer, social reformer and story teller (my medium of expression is Photography). With my many years of experience I came to understand that photography is a major art form, just like many other art forms too. 

So like other artist, I pride myself as being a type of Michelangelo, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, but my medium of expression like stated above is Photography, my canvas is my Camera,  I use my expertise and the understanding of the manipulation of light and the camera to create my art, which tells stories that directly affects or are affecting the lives of the less privileged people and others living around us.

This series,this particular photo documentary titled LIFE ON A ROLL, tells the story of the lifestyle of a poor community of people who used to live on the water inside Lekki Phase One in Lagos Nigeria. The images you are viewing were captured in the year 2013. Photography captures and freezes history for generations coming, yet unborn to understand a portion of their history and heritage! 

"From the photo of an 8 year old boy, who uses his late father's boat to transport people to and fro the community to support the family, to the photo of the woman who sells cloths to people in the community with her boat, to the face of a little boy hoping to get a place to play football with his friends, to the fisher man going home after a very long  hard day of work,  to the photo of a woman on a boat carrying her baby on her back, going to get kerosene to make food for the family etc".
This community so captured by my lens no longer exist just like Maroko, as the government had employed the able bodied men of the community, paid them minimal wages, used them to sand fill the community, after sand filling, evicted all the residents living in the community, and then sold the land to the rich land developers to build a new paradise for another set that would buy.

Photography has gone beyond point and shoot, it involves so much more. Done right, done correctly, it helps to get "YOUR MESSAGE(S) across to your audience. We are "PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS", who understands the art form to the T. We can partner with you to deliver, exceptional, thought provoking, beautiful works of art as images for all types of events/occasions. 

We hope that these images have spoken to you in your own unique way.

For more stories or to contact us, visit www.emperorstories.com you can also follow us on instagram @emperoraigbovbiosa_stories 

More after the break. 


No no no, it's not that talk again about him looking for his missing rib, that lucky damsel who he plans to bless with a state of the art home in that enclave of the super weslthy Banana- Island Ikoyi and with a Rolls Royce in the garage.

This time around the man whose dream, is as big as the universe itself, who believes that everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it, is up to something totally out of the world and that dream is to be located at "Banana Island", Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

According to the gist, Suji like many prefer to call him who owns the famous Sujimoto Construction has already raised from local investors a colossal "1 billion Naira towards this dream project", that he holds very closely to his heart.

Though facts about this project is still sketchy, we hear the initiator is excited beyond measure.

Maybe, this is the new idea that has replaced the other one which had gained much traction before which is the Lorenzo by Sujimoto, which is yet to have begun many many months after the attendant excitement that heralded its announcement.